Becoming Santa Claus, DVD! (and Blu-Ray)

It took a comically long time to work all of this out (remember the 2016 release for his piece? Me neither) but, at last, after heroic negotiations by the company (thank you, thank you, Keith,) The Dallas Opera’s truly beautiful production of Becoming Santa Claus is out on DVD and Blu-Ray. Obviously I’m partial to the piece itself, but I can say, as empirically or objectively as one can say these things, that no music of mine has ever been performed or recorded at a higher level: the singers and orchestra, led by the sovereign Emmanuel Villaume, do brilliant, soulful, and hilarious work, Paul Curran‘s direction and choreography, on sets and with costumes by Gary McCann, is gorgeous and apt, and the sound, by Blanton Anspaugh and Soundmirror, is crystalline. (The piece was originally recorded for release on CD, until, magically, the DVD funding materialized, which means the audio quality is as high as the visual–‘t’is not always thus.) I couldn’t be happier. More details here.

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