I was just invited to do two evenings to present my work and talk about it.  One was for my good friends at Opera America, for their Creators in Concert series: the musicians (noted below) were every bit as wonderful as I’d hoped and, in fact, you can stream the whole thing here.  (It turned out to feature two quasi-premières: the arrangements for string quartet of Mary Magdalene’s first aria and the first scene of the scene of Act Two of Lysistrata were heard here for the first time.) The other evening was for my new friends at Dallas Opera, at their beautiful Nasher Sculpture Garden; and at the end of which, as you can read here and here, we announced my next project, which I have tentatively entitled Becoming Santa Claus; Dallas opera’s new and lauded music director, Emmanuel Villaume, will be conducting the first performances, which we are affirming for December of 2015.

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