How does one interpret it, when, after years of vacillation, you join Facebook: but Facebook quits you? I’m joking, sort of: but it’s peculiar that, having joined FB to participate in a BeLive interview organized by Jonathan Blalock (aka: The Prince,) Facebook suspected that I might be impersonating…myself?… and locked me out. That was months ago; it was resolved; I chalked it up to logging in from the country, rather than the city, for the first time; sheep resumed their safe grazing. But yesterday, as–again, with Jonathan’s help, who’s doing lots of this sort of thing now–we were making something of my music page, Facebook locked me out again, for the highly unusual and suspect activity of….using the account? Don’t ask me: I’m still wistful about the disappearance of calling cards on trays. Anyway, the music page is up, I hear, and here: maybe one of these days I’ll get to see it again…

UPDATE: Mr. Zuckerberg has relented.

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